About us

We help moms and teachers entertain children by using jokes to encourage literacy, wellness and fun so they feel uplifted inspired and entertained.

The Wolf Cub Chlo team consists of 6 year old author ChloƩ aka Wolf Cub Chlo and teacher mom Jenn aka Mama Wolf. Chlo enjoys writing fun books for kids to instill a love for reading in them all while keeping a smile on their face. Her dedication to her writing has landed her on Amazon's #1 Best Seller's list and earned a 5 star seal from Reader's Favorite Literary Agency.

Jenn teaches High School English and has been teaching over 10 years. She enjoys writing tips and tricks for parents and educators to help them connect with kids.

Chlo and Jenn enjoy reading, laughing and spending time with their family in Brooklyn, NY.

Our team

Wolf Cub Chlo

6 year old author and founder of Wolf Cub Chlo LLC. Chlo takes pride in writing funny relatable books for kids to instill a love for reading in them.

Jenn Bell-Allen

Mom, High School teacher and co-founder of Wolf Cub Chlo LLC. Jenn has been teaching English in underserved communities for more than 10 years. She enjoys writing informational material for parents and educators who are looking for ways to connect with kids.

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"I came across this bright and funny book by 6 year-old Wolf Cub Chlo and was instantly delighted! She has a gift for jokes and wants to share her gift with others by including tips on how to write your own jokes and idea starters for silly stories. What a great idea! I love the colorful art, too. Makes you smile. Thank you, Chlo, for turning a sad time into smiles. You have such a big heart. Keep up the good work! As a fellow joke teller (Saltwater Sillies), I recommend this book for kids. "

Natasha W

Thank you again and again! My kids and I love the books. You managed to exceed my expectations!

Virginia Ubert