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Tired of hearing how bored your kids are? Take the guesswork out of your next activity! Create some fun and help children love reading with silly jokes!

Reading something funny helps build motivation, increase comprehension, escape from difficulties, decreases stress hormones and builds confidence in kids.

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Top Children's Book Expert Reveals The Secrets You Need To Get Your Kids Loving Books Again By Using Laugh Out Loud Humor

"Clean comedy for the whole family. Perfect for young budding comedians of all ages! Children love to tell jokes to parents, friends, and other family members. "The adorable photographs will draw children into the book, while the puns will keep them entertained ... Puns can also serve as a lesson in spelling ... I think teachers will benefit from this book by giving children some examples of puns and how to make them up." - Readers favorite review, 5 stars

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Don't take my word for it, see what others are saying

"This book is brilliant!"

"The jokes are hilarious and the accompanying pictures are so cute. My 8 year old daughter kept laughing as we read through it together. The last part of the book is a clever twist. We really enjoyed learning the how-to's of making our own jokes. Making this, not just a one time read but a resource we can keep coming back to." - Keisha H, Mom

"Read for a Smile"

"I love the creativeness and authenticity. It made me proud to know the intent behind the book was simply to make people feel better. MUST READ" - Bianca A, Registered Nurse

"They were crying laughing!"

"Then I overheard them practicing the joke formula on each other. #winning! Great job Wolf Cub Chlo, kept the kids busy and gave me more time to get work done. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a light-hearted read that brings a bit of joy especially during dark times." - Kofi E Jr., Educator

Reading is as fun as eating chocolate

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Once a pun a Time joke book for kids - audiobook

New! Easy way to grab your book on the go! Have the jokes read to YOU by Wolf Cub Chlo herself! $6.99

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